Residential Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Add a sparkle to your room with newly cleaned furniture.  You can trust Ram’s professional cleaning technicians to take good care of your upholstered fabrics and patterns.  The correct cleaning techniques are chosen to match the particular fabric and cleaning requirements.

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Serving Calgary and Area since 1967

Residential Services

Professional Cleaning of SofaUpholstery & Furniture Cleaning

Our certified technicians can renew the life and charm of any type of fabric or pattern. They’ll choose exactly the correct cleaning technique, and use it skillfully. Freshly cleaned, your furniture will add a sparkle to the room, and a good feeling to your hours at home. We guarantee you’ll be delighted.

  • Truck mounted upholstery cleaning units
  • Powerful portable equipment for higher floors
  • Radio Dispatched GPS monitored vehicles
  • Bonded, Insured and Supervised Staff
  • Member of Alberta Construction Safety Association for over 25 years
  • Work guaranteed!

Our Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning procedures include:

  1. Pre-inspection of upholstery before cleaning to help ensure a safe upholstery cleaning approach
  2. Specialized hand tool equipment and furniture cleaning agents for any type of furniture
  3. Work area prepared with mats placed around furniture to be cleaned
  4. Environmentally safe cleaning agents, and recovery and handling of used cleaning solution
  5. Special attention to spots and stains at no extra charge
  6. Upholstery hand and brush grooming after cleaning

For cleaning of –

  • sofas, loveseats, arm chairs
  • dining room chairs, office chairs, side chairs
  • kitchen booths, stools
  • patio furniture

Some Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Options:Upholstery Cleaning Representative in Office

Full Body Chair


add Dupont Teflon Fabric Protection for $29.50

Loveseat & Chair


add Dupont Teflon Fabric Protection for $69.50

Sofa & Chair


add Dupont Teflon Fabric Protection for $79.50

Sofa, Loveseat & Chair


add Dupont Teflon Fabric Protection for $109.50

Upholstery Protected with Teflon

Chair with Teflon Protection

Other custom furniture cleaning packages to meet your needs!

We also clean dining room chairs, mattresses, and smooth and suede leather upholstery.

Sanitizing of your freshly cleaned furniture also available.  Effective and affordable!

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Use the Teflon “invisible shield” to protect furniture fabric from dirt and stainschair-teflon-rounded-web2
Correctly applied the Teflon “invisible shield” effectively protects cleaned upholstery against damage from stains and dry soil. It will repel most spills, helping keep them on the surface so you can blot them up before they become a real problem. In addition the Teflon protective coating helps guard fabric fibers against abrasive wear. Safe around children or pets.

Dupont Teflon Fabric Protection – 50% of Furniture Cleaning cost
We can also Sanitize your cleaned upholstery!
Our effective treatment bonds to fibers. Odorless, it provides a constant killing and prevention agent against germs and bacteria.

For a free estimate call 403-291-1051


Leather Furniture Cleaning & Conditioning

We can also give the care and attention to your leather upholstery that it deserves.

Our cleaning and conditioning keeps it young and supple. The professional Technician Cleaning and Conditioning Leather Sofaleather cleaner that we use has a mild pH. It cleans effectively, but gently. We then condition the leather with preservative agents and fine oils. Your smooth leather furniture is now not only cleaned but protected against premature aging.

We also clean suede leather furniture but it requires additional work and is priced differently, and in general has to come to the plant for cleaning.

Prices for cleaning smooth leather furniture:

Full Body Chair


Sofa & Chair


Sofa, Loveseat & Chair


 Work guaranteed!

For a free Leather Furniture Cleaning estimate call 403-291-1051


Area Rug Cleaning                                   Blind and Drapery Cleaning

Area Carpet Cleaningwindow cover cleaning

My sofa and chair look so nice and clean and refreshed. I am very pleased with Ram Services and will use them for all my cleaning.

Laura A, Client

We have been using the services of Ram for more than 10 years and have always been completely satisfied with the results. Over the years it’s been Gary and Dave who have cleaned our carpets and furniture, and these gentlemen have always been courteous, efficient, and always on time.
Certainly, it is our intent to continue using Ram’s services in the future for home and office. We have also recommended Ram’s services to our friends.

Sandra and Claude Kennedy, Client

My first experience with Ram was when I hired them to clean my second floor windows. I was very impressed with the gentleman who came and did the work. He was kind and compassionate. When I said, “You missed a spot,” he smiled and went over the area again. He was diligent and had a good work ethic. Because of this experience I then hired Ram to clean my blind. Once again I was greeted by a friendly and considerate employee. I’m was very impressed with Ram’s staff and their prices were reasonable. I was a real pleasure to deal with this company, and when I am able, I will hire them for future work. Kudos to Ram!!

M Stephen, Client

Our experience with Ram has been awesome over the 20 years that we have been dealing with Ram – for carpets, windows, furnaces and fireplaces. The staff are friendly, appointments easy to make and we are very pleased with the skill level of those who come to do the work. We use Ram for just about everything!

N Scholten, Client

We have used Ram Cleaning Services over the years for carpet, sofa and area rug cleaning and are extremely satisfied and happy with their service and results. We highly recommend Ram Cleaning Services!

Kevin from Chestemere, Client

Terchnician picking up area rug                         We also offer Professional Area Carpet Cleaning!

Steam Cleaning Truck UnitQuality Safeguards

All the quality safeguards you expect are in place including on-site inspection by our quality control staff.  Before any of our technicians are dispatched, they are given a comprehensive training and assessment program.

Training includes, classroom, video and DVD, WHMIS, SAIT courses and site field training with our senior carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians.  All carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians are sent to a professional driving school for a driving assessment and upgrading .  All vehicles are radio equipped for dispatching efficiency.  Vehicles are also equipped with GPS monitoring to help us ensure that customers are getting value for their money.  We insure your home and possessions against any service mishap and your are protected by a 100% guarantee of satisfactory workmanship.  GST extra.

Providing Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Services to Calgary and Area since 1967

For a free Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning estimate, please call 403-291-1051  Alberta Construction Safety Association


We maintain our Certificate of Recognition with the Alberta Safety Construction Association.

Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Services in Calgary and area since 1967